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Working Hand In Hand – Perfect Partnership

By November 12, 2014Vizsla Rescue
Kiss that nose!

Kiss that nose!

Welcome to Vizsla Tails where we will share stories from life in our busy Vizsla rescue. We hope to do these blogs from time to time on no fixed agenda, we hope you enjoy reading about life in the Vizslamentés family and welcome feedback and comments.

We get so wrapped up in the day to life in our rescue organisation that we sometimes forget to stop and take a view on where we are. It is interesting to share some of how we operate with you, our supporters, so you can understand better how we go about our work, we are still young and learning all the time as a pair of teams separated by over 1000 miles. As we approach an exciting milestone for Vizslamentes UK (VM UK) we have been preparing a review of the year we have had – more on that in future blogs.

Some background for you first of all as some of you may not know how the 2 organisations work; Vizslamtentés Hungary (VM Hu) is the only specialist HPR (Hunt Point Retrieve) breed rescue in Hungary. They operate under the umbrella of a larger rescue organisation (the Elveszett Allatok Foundation – a fully registered and audited charity). Being part of the foundation ensures that maximum use is made of the donations received as the only non-dog cost is to pay the foundation’s accountant to review the books annually. Operating in this way also ensures that all donations go directly to helping Vizslas and other pointing breeds as VM Hu is completely ring-fenced from the rest of the foundation.

giggy 2

Handsome Giggy – travelled to the UK at 15 weeks, all grown up now

VM UK has a huge role to play in this; in fact without VM UK the organisation in Hungary would likely have to cease activity as it would not be financially viable. The income that VM Hu receives comes from 3 sources: the first is via a government tax rebate scheme where 1% of a person’s income tax may be directed to a charity of their choice, the second is from Hungarian donations for example when a dog is adopted in Hungary, selling merchandise, fundraising events, etc and the third, by far the largest, is directly from VM UK. VM UK raises money within the UK and the rest of the world, from donations when dogs are adopted, regular donators who support us, and from other Vizsla groups around the world who raise money to support the breed in their home country.

As of today, we have 47 dogs in foster care in Hungary with more arriving almost daily – this is situation normal nowadays. We have a highly respected reputation in Hungary for our rescue work and the shelters and animal police approach us when they have a pointer in their care. We have a number of dogs in Hungary that will be cared for for life by VM Hu due to the chronic health issues they face.

A further aspect of our work is finding suitable homes in the UK for some of the dogs in our care in Hungary. Only a small percentage of dogs that come in to our care are deemed suitable for rehoming in the UK. Dogs are assessed and only those with the personalities and health to cope with the journey, the change and the pet homes that are offered are available to adopt in the UK – the numbers are around a quarter to a third of all the dogs rescued coming to UK homes, the rest are adopted in Hungary. We don’t rehome anywhere else in the world, mostly due to lack of resource elsewhere. We rely heavily on our incredible networks in the UK and Hungary, without them we couldn’t do what we do.

As always we have to thank all our incredible supporters for their continued interest in our work, thank you for reading and please subscribe for future blog posts to come straight to your email inbox.

Eva and Otis - enjoying their life in their UK home

Eva and Otis – enjoying their life in their UK home


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