Judit Whelan is well known in the worldwide Vizsla community, she is our link to the Hungarian organisation – as well as her huge role in VM UK she is a key member of the VM Hu and proud of the her current title as the team member who sends and receives the most emails in the entire organisation!

The day to day management of VM UK is handled by Abi Moore and Sarah Cormack the list includes – accounts, fundraising, admin, communications and support for the new applications to adopt and the on-going job of supporting and mentoring the ever growing family of existing adopters. Abbie Cox and Ashley Gallimore also help behind the scenes, managing the website and Instagram page.

We are a very small team but we couldn’t do what we do without the backing of a wonderful group of supporters who help us with home-checking potential adopters, meeting transport, mentoring adopters and fundraising on our behalf. We will introduce you to some of the volunteers and the roles they undertake to support us in future blogs.

So, here we are, in our own words:

Judit Whelan

Judit having a reunion cuddle with Macera (now Buda) on a visit to the UK
Judit having a reunion cuddle with Macera (now Buda) on a visit to the UK

I have had dogs all my life, but I got my first vizsla Alma the smooth from my husband as a wedding anniversary present almost 13 years ago now. Alma was a one in a million dog and taught us so much about the breed.

We started hunting training with her at 4 months of age as she was so hyper, nothing could tire her out and we were invited to her first shoot at only 8 months of age.

Through her I made loads of friends in real life and online too.

We have had 4 vizslas since, Alma the smooth, Vita and Joli are wires and Pipacs a long-haired, sadly we only have Joli now, the others have passed away.

9 years ago I made friends with a couple of girls who were running the Vizsla rescue group of another foundation here in Hungary. They wanted to leave and set up their own and asked me to join the team.

We have decided to rescue all HPR breeds, not only vizslas and a few months later from a crazy idea at 3 am in the morning I’ve set up Vizslamentés UK Facebook page and the rest is history really…

Our family grew with two gorgeous girls since, but one thing hasn’t changed and that is the love of vizslas and Vizslamentés. Róisín and Úna our daughters have became the youngest Vizslamentés members who have been seeing off dogs to the UK since the age of 2 weeks and had a couple of rescue actions too.

We are not heroes, just normal people who have unconditional love for vizslas and crazy enough to help them anytime and anywhere.

Abi Moore

Abi with Percy and her 2 VM rescues Olive and Trevor

In 2011 having spent ages researching Hungarian Vizslas we picked up our lovely boy Percy from a breeder in Devon. From that moment on I completely fell in love with the breed and was smitten.

At the time there weren’t so many in our area and every time we bumped into a fellow Vizsla owner it was like being part of a special club. He was and still is the sweetest most loving boy.

When Percy was 4 we met a gorgeous Vizslamentés boy in our local park and chatted to his new owners. That prompted us to get in touch with Vizslamentés and we were very lucky to adopt Trevor who was rescued from a shelter in Hungary. He arrived just before Christmas in 2015 and very quickly made himself at home. He’s the big goof of the family and my absolute shadow.

We decided the boys might like a little sister so in 2017 we adopted Olive who had been rescued from a chain. She was around 18 months old when she came to us and was a dream dog right from the start, playful, lovely nature, cuddly and completely wraps the boys around her paws!

I feel so fortunate to have this amazing trio when I was asked to join Vizslamentés and become a Trustee it felt like a real honour. It is so rewarding to be able to give something back and help this great team with the valuable work they do.