Update on our Ukraine Appeal

Since we launched our Ukrainian Appeal and received such an overwhelming response, the team has been working tirelessly to get help to where it’s desperately needed. This is the direct effect your contribution has made so far

– 10 tonnes of food have been delivered into Ukraine
– Two trips have been co ordinated into Ukraine with shipments
– Warehouse being restocked now ready to go again on Saturday
– Zooplus_hu have also donated another 2,500e of supplies

As you can imagine requests for help are coming in every hour, here is just one example of the difference your donations have made:

Wood the Rottweiler was living with his owner in Dnipropetrovsk. They had 8 minutes to leave their home forever!! Their friend in the photo didn’t even have time to collect any clothes and hasn’t changed since the evacuation.

They left everything behind but had no crate to take Wood on a flight with them. Your donations have made this possible and they are right now on their way to Poland ready for a flight out to family overseas.

This is just one story but please keep donating, every penny is needed and will go directly to help animals caught up in this crisis and help families keep their beloved pets and get them to safety

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