Ukraine Appeal

On the 24th February we launched our Ukraine Appeal. Although for many of us leaving our pets behind is unthinkable, the sad reality is that many Ukrainians will not have a choice.

Our team in Hungary are now in contact with the ‘Associates of Advocates for the protection of Animal Welfare’ who are 5 charities combined. They are transporting urgent supplies right down to the Ukrainian border. Working in partnership with them we are using all the money donated to buy as much food and medical supplies as possible that can be transported.

With the help of our amazing supporters and working with the Associates of Advocates for the protection of Animal Welfare, we have been able to successfully deliver 1.5 tonnes of dog food to a shelter in Uzhhorod and we are planning our second delivery now.

This time the delivery will be taken to the shelter over the border but from there it will be loaded onto the empty trains going into Kyiv where the shelters desperately need it. There are volunteers ready to unload it and get it to the shelters that have run out of food. Four tonnes are on the trains now from the first shipment heading for Kyiv


Shelters in and around Kyiv are reporting absolutely heart breaking scenes with no power, injured dogs and dogs dying from the stress of the explosions.

Gostomel shelter in Kyiv have nearly 700 dogs and cats and have been bombed for several days now 😢 We are supporting them from your donations. There has also been some fake news about state shelters euthanising their animals but Gostomel shelter said they ‘won’t kill any of their animals and they will fight for them until the last second’

Our team are also trying to organise as many foster places as possible in Hungary to take abandoned dogs, dogs from shelters and support families that are fleeing from Ukraine.

If you are able to donate to our Ukraine appeal, please do so we can help as many dogs as possible caught up in this heart breaking situation.

Donate here via our PayPal.

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