Due to the situation in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian residents will be displaced and flee their homes to surrounding countries, including Hungary. People are waiting in queues to evacuate with their belongings, children and pets. People are queuing at the Hungarian border for refuge.

Some will be taken in by relatives and some are leaving with nowhere to go. It is expected there will hundreds of homeless dogs, whilst some families can take in a relative they can’t always take their dogs as well. Shelters are already at capacity.

Our sister charity Vizslamentés Magyarország in Hungary is now asking for fosters, food and blankets. Whilst we can’t do that in the UK we can fundraise to pay for boarding costs. We are planning now to take as many dogs as we possibly can. Every penny we can raise will go directly to save the abandoned dogs!
Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates, and please donate if you can.