Support Vizslamentes Dog Rescue

Vizslamentés UK Rescue Trust (Registered charity in England and Wales Number 1162503) is run entirely on a voluntary basis and all funds donated to the UK charity are used to support our sister organisation Vizslamentés Hungary. Vizslamentés Hungary operates under the umbrella of a larger rescue organisation (the Elveszett Allatok Foundation – a fully registered and audited foundation (charity) which rescues many different sorts of animals).

Vizslamentés UK Rescue Trust provides over 75% of the total income of Vizslamentés Hungary, and the money is used by the foundation to provide all the medical and rehabilitation costs associated with the rescues we have in our care in Hungary. We also have several dogs whose vet bills will be paid for life.

Please consider supporting Vizslamentés dog rescue by making a donation – just click on the button below. A PayPal account is not necessary – you can pay by credit or debit card.  Use the reference box to specify if you are supporting a particular event or dog in our care and to let us know who you are.