Adopting from abroad may seem like a daunting prospect but the process with Vizslamentés UK Rescue Trust is a simple and straightforward from initial enquiry right through to supporting the dog and adopter for life. The team are there for every step of the way holding adopters’ hands and removing all worry and concerns.

In order to ascertain if an applicant offers a suitable forever home for one of our rescue vizslas potential adopters are asked to complete an online application form which is reviewed and assessed by the team. If all is well we will book one of our breed specialist volunteers to come and meet you, your family and pets at your home and discuss all aspects of life with a rescue HPR. Applicants that pass the home visit are then approved to go forward for us to match a dog that suits their lifestyle, experience and situation.

Once a dog has been offered and accepted by the applicant the team will discuss travel dates to suit both the adopter and the team in Hungary. Dogs travel on the Pet Passport scheme and are microchipped, fully vaccinated, including the essential rabies vaccination to allow the dogs to come in to the UK (dogs can travel 21 days after the rabies vaccine). Dogs are assessed as fit to travel by our specialist vet in Hungary 2 days before they travel.

Adopters are required to sign a formal adoption agreement that covers the Vizslamentés requirements regarding neutering the animal at the appropriate age, how they are to be kept and cared for etc. Vizslamentés retains the right to take the animal back into its care at any time if its representatives find the living conditions to have become unsatisfactory.